Su and Ray create music together using their unique instruments, electronic soundscapes, samples and the occasional guest vocalist. Ray has been producing Psytrance and downtempo electronic music for 11 years under the name Ekoplex. He spent his early years as a lead guitarist for rock bands. Su has studied and taught yoga, shamanism, conscious dance and meditation for over 18 years.

Together, they have created Thetaflo. Thetaflo is music that takes you into a deep meditative state, known as the theta state. By using a beautiful landscape of sounds, they take you on a musical journey within your own soul. With intention, you may go into a profoundly relaxed state, allowing you to access your subconcious mind, finding solutions to problems and allowing healing vibrations to enter.

The unique instrumentation of Ray's Rootworks are an integral part of the experience. Ray's experience and understanding of sound vibration are combined with Su's background in hypnotherapy, yoga nidra and the use of percussion for shamanic journeying.  Below is a sample,