• Susan Halle

A Proud Moment; The Root Makes the Cover of the Lee Valley Spring Catalogue!

Lee Valley is well known to Canadians as the purveyor of fine tools for woodworkers. They also sell the best gardening products, kitchen gadgets and all sorts of cool household items. They have been publishing mail order catalogues since 1978 and have grown to be the “Go-To” place for those seeking high quality products. Each and every cover features beautiful photography, something that has caught our attention over the years.

Last year, after receiving a particularly striking issue that featured a musical instrument, we decided to get in touch with them about the possibility of featuring one of our instruments in the future.

The unique design of The Root caught the eye of the art department and we were contacted to make arrangements to get it to their studios for a photo shoot.

The Root is, quite literally, at the root of how our company began. It is a 4 or 5 stringed, fretless instrument designed to be played with a bow or fingerpicked.

With its shellback, its beautiful to look at and naturally photogenic!

(Sounds great too, btw)

Lee Valley has their operations in Ottawa, only a few hours from our home, so a road trip was in order! We were graciously received and given a tour of their huge facility. We met many of the folks responsible for the consistent quality of their publications and web store and had a peak at their photo studio, where we left The Root to be shot.

A few days later, we were shown some of the proofs but were told the photos had to go by a review board… it was possible that it may not make it as a cover! A few months passed before we got the message; it had been selected for the spring issue, but we were told to keep that info hush-hush.

Last month, we waited patiently for its arrival. We knew it was going to come out shortly, but it was only after a few friends spotted it online that it really sunk in. The feedback, support and sharing on Facebook has been overwhelming.

It’s an exciting time at Ray’s Rootworks. Our Ukulele is growing in popularity, The Root 6 is getting great reviews from many well-respected musicians and having this prestigious cover is icing on the cake !

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