• Ray, Paul and edited by Sue.

Left handed 5 string Root for Paul Ochs

"I am 70 yr old retired teacher who got interested in string instruments at 68 yrs and now own 14 piece world music rebuilds...I buy them broke and learn the instrument and fix um up w/ inlays of stone." Paul asked me to build him a left-handed 5 string Root. He wanted lots of crafty little bits on it. It was delight to work with Paul; it became pretty clear he has a great sense of humor. While I was working on his instrument, I started receiving letters and CDs in the mail. Below is a sample. He left me his phone number to call him, and when I did, we talked for quite a while. It was obvious we are very similar souls. I worked away while listening to some of the CDs he had gifted to me. I like having time to experiment and let ideas come to me, and Paul gave me that space and time to be creative. One of the things he was quite specific about was using Birds Eye Maple. This beautiful wood is not found near his home in Texas but is quite abundant here…Maple trees are everywhere in Canada! I just so happened to have a really beautiful piece of Maple that I had been holding onto for a while. Paul’s instrument seemed to be a perfect fit for it. There was even enough I left that was able to make a second neck.

I was really happy with the sound of the finished Root. You can hear sound samples on the Root page. (GDAEE Tuning Paul’s Root) "Yo ray! Here is pic with my lefty root 5 string. Every musician in San Antonio Texas is in awe of your magnificent design and workmanship. I play several hours a week solo @ home and learning to bounce the bow. I finger right hand and mix cello strokes, bounce bow and finger strum or pick w left hand...root adjusts to all forms of world music...especially new age Chinese and surprisingly Tex Mex! I am so happy w my custom root. Thank you for your loving care to your art for all of us. You may call on me anytime for a 5 star recommendation! Yours, Paul Ochs" Thank you Paul!