Root 6 Spruce top for Nadine, plus a bonus video of Dennis O'Toole playing it.

Nadine contacted me at the end of December 2015 and we began our journey to create a very a special acoustic guitar for her. She had many good ideas and I could tell we were on the same path. One of her ideas was the setting sun inlay on the fingerboard. Fingerboard inlay is not my strong point, but I'm working on it. Because I do not use CNC machinery, I had to do it by hand. The setting sun came out well. Nadine also picked out the stone on the tailpiece. Everything came together nicely! Nadine was super awesome to talk to and work with.

When the Root 6 was all done and getting it's fine tuning, ( I like to keep my instruments around for a bit after they are finished to tweak them before they go out) I recorded some video and took some pictures of it. Nadine wanted Pyramid gut strings, which cost $100 CAD. I was worried about jamming on such expensive strings, so I strung it with some D'addario Folk nylon EJ34's for my tests videos. A few days before I sent it out, I put on her Pyramids strings and checked everything again. They sound beautiful. I got one little recording with them. You will see it in the music players on the Root 6 page.

Just before I was ready to ship, I got a nice surprise. My friend Bill Reddick brought Dennis O'Toole over to my place to see the newly finished instrument. I had shown it to Bill the night before and he mentioned he knew some folks he thought would love to see what I am doing. Dennis is a legend around here in Peterborough so I took the opportunity to record him while playing. He treated it gently, knowing it was someone else's. We began to talk as you can see (and hear) in the video below and then Dennis sang a beautiful song he had written about his relationship with his father and river that runs through Peterborough, the Otonobee. It is clear this song is coming from deep within his soul and was thrilled that the Root 6 sounded so great in his expert hands

The Root 6 was shipped off to Nadine and made it there safely. And Dennis and I are now good friends. I feel very inspired to create so much more. Music is a powerful thing.

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