• Ray Vincent

Carl Clark and his 5 string Root.

Carl Clark is a guitarist and comic book lover. He first contacted me about building a Root 5 string in July 2015.

Carl has been playing guitar since 1990 and pretty much been self taught. "I started out in Blues and Funk groups and played out many years until I got too old to make it into work the next day."

" As time went on, I got more interested in instrumental music and began to get more intrigued by jazz and world music. I recently met some great players in the Cincinnati area and convinced them to record some of my tunes. I worked with my long time music pal and drummer, David Castello, and we put together the "Tales from the ClarkSide"a project with a Northern Ky studio owned by Chris Jones. You can stream it here: "What attracted me to "the Root" was the wonderful visual design and the uniqueness of the concept. I love the sound of a cello or violin and I found the prospect of an instrument that could get similar sounds exciting. The fact that it also sounds similar to an oud was also a huge plus. I am looking forward to learning this cool instrument much better... I've had it for a few months and have had a great time exploring what it can do!"

Carl's 5 string Root has a spruce top and he asked me to add a Amethist stone, which I did and looks great. I love adding personal touch to my instruments. Carl was patient as last summer my business really took off, but I wanted to make sure I didn't rush anything and create instruments with quility. I was really happy with the tone of Carl's Root. Thank you Carl.

Check out Carl's track with his Root.

Carl had a hard case made for his Root by