• Ray Vincent

Thetaflo's trip to Panama (Geoparadise)

Leaving the ice and snow of a Canadian winter is always a treat. Leaving the cold for a paradise of sun and sea, art and music, tribal wisdom and global community is truly a blessing! Tribal Gathering at GeoParadise is the result of a great team from around the world, led by Tim and Noa, whose vision reflects so many of the values the psychedelic community holds dear; sustainable building, joyful living, encouragment of artists of every sort to share and learn from indigenous communities of south and central america, and of course, the musical journey expressed through trance dance. It embodies the prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor that has been so much of what I have learned in my years working with shamans and teachers.

This was not just a long weekend with crazy music in a forest. For us, it was two weeks spent with indigenous elders, medicine men and women, mayan chocolate ceremonies and learning new craft techniques from local artists. It was a crazy chicha ceremony ( a local alcoholic brew) where we danced to tribal drummers and were laughed at by little ladies for our inability to chug the drink down as they did. And it was sharing with fellow travellers who had been transformed by the medicine ceremonies they had attended the night before.

In week two, the anticipation built as we were all ready to dance! Throughout the week, we were treated to local musicians, global soundscapes and spontaneous jams. By the time the Lotus stage opened, everyone exploded with excitement. Dancing on a beach, in a tropical forest, under the moonlight is an experience beyond all others; bliss!

Ray and I were delighted to share our music and bring a few of our instruments to share with the community. It is always great to hear others jam on The Sprout, Ray's unique harp. As we continue to develop our musical offering, ThetaFlo, we welcome the influences and feedback from others. It was a great honour to open the festival with our ambient sounds. Many folks were just awakening to a new day and later told us how hearing us from their tents took them on a magical journey.

I can't say enough about the creativity and attention to detail that the artists and builders brought to the festival. And being a small gathering, we got to know so many of them.

This little festival embodies what we all want to see in this crazy world; the potential for creating a global community where we can all share our gifts. We hope to be there next year and bring so much more!