• Ray Vincent

Just finished building this new Root 5 string for Filippo in NY.

Filippo and I have been talking for awhile through email. It's been great gettting to know him while I was working on his new Root. I took some extra time on this one because I was working out some new ideas. The resonator is on the outside now and sounds great. I added a Fishman control unit to really tweak the sound. There's some added height to the bridge so the strings have more clearance for the bow. I used spruce for the top. The back shell also has new design and some extra strength. I'm really happy with the sound and the look of the new Root and I made a new friend.

Thanks so much Filippo.


March 13 2015 - Email message from Flippo. I was given permission to post this by him.

"Hi Ray,

My extra strings have arrived this morning, thank you so much. I'm still totally blown away by the instrument, it is like 2 -if not 3- instruments in one. You play it with the pick and you get into some ancestral, medieval state, in between Irish echoes, dusty Mid Eastern locations and indian courts. Once you start playing with the bow, you fluctuate between India and Europe. And...if you put on the Capo (It works perfect!!), and play on the highest strings, you get a kind-of-Koto stuff, can't describe exactly...Amazing...And....I still haven't plugged it in my pedal board... fourth -electric- instrument?!?

It is definitely a unique, one of a kind instrument, even from an organological point of view, it's hard to classify. With the pick it recalls the Oud, but I also feel the Mandola in it. With the bow...well, it is a mixture between the indian Sarangi, the Dilruba, the Taus and, of course, the Cello. But, while all the indian instruments, due to the sympathetic strings, stuck the player on an established key, with the Root you can play in any key. And the vibration of the harmonics is guaranteed by the aluminum resonator...that's fantastic...

As said, it resemble a Cello very much, but it is "lighter". May I dare, and say it sounds like a female Cello, kind of Alto Cello?

Dear Ray, you're a crazy Genius...I think I will musically owe you for the rest of my life...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...!!!"


I found out afterword Filippo is an incredable musician and felt pretty honoured.

Check out his website hear.

More pictures here