Lap harp

-15 nylon string

-Zither pins with tuning wrench.            
-Western red cedar top.   

-Spruce bracing.                                                                    -

-Tuned to C major. 2 octaves.  C3,D,E,F,G,A,B,C4,D,E,F,G,A,B,C5

-Cherry or maple side.

-Curly maple, Spanish cedar or Cherry Back

-Leaf with stone inlay.

-Strap jacks

-Maple bridges.

-Walnut and Ebony tailpiece

-Livos linseed oil finish protected with beeswax.

-Comes with info for tuning and extra set of set of strings.


I use D'addario nylon guitar strings. 3 sets EJ43, EJ44, EJ45

The nylon strings are easy on the fingers and provide a warm soothing sound.

Lightweight and easy to hold. It has strap jacks so you can also attach a strap to use while standing or sitting, to hold it more securely.

Once in tune, all notes work together. Meaning you can NOT hit a bad note.