For Sale and upcoming build ideas.

Check in from time to time to see what’s happening.

For sale $1500 CAD

10 string tenor ukulele shell back

Nylon string


More info 

For sale  $2500 CAD

Bari Blue

Baritone Shell back ukulele.

 Acoustic with Steel strings.

Single coil pickup

Roasted maple neck.

Just finishing the case for this one.

Which will be an aluminum case.

More here

$575 CAD

Very simple version of the Root with two pickups and separate jacks.

One is under saddle (direct sound) and other is attached to aluminum plate on back where sympathetic strings are attached.

For sale $275

4 string/ 8 note hammered dulcimer

With 3 pickups. 2 single coil, 1 piezo.

More info here.

Upcoming/ in the works for 2023

I had started some ideas in 2022 that should be ready for 2023. I will making an effort to shift more ready made instruments then custom orders. I am also hoping to do the Vancouver guitar festival this year. So I need some ready made instruments. Here we go!

Double neck shell back ukulele.

This one Su and I will be doing together.

One neck will be a Tenor and the other will be the bass strings, but more like a harp tuning with a fretless neck.

beach wave tenor ukulele

Roasted Maple neck and fingerboard.

Turquoise and brown stained curly Maple shell.

Chrome Goth tuners with other chrome bits.

I want to push this one and mak the front even more exciting.

6 string mini guitar

22” scale length

Humbucking pickup with volume knob.

Rich chocolate brown curly Poplar shell.

Tenor ukulele

Koa shell back

Mango fingerboard

Mahogany neck

Octave mandolin

22” scale length

8 gold color Goto tuners

Pau Ferro accents.

The Root 21” scale length. 6 strings (3 course)

New acoustical modulation idea on this one, plus a collaboration with composer and sound designer  Nicholas Stackhouse.

Alien Tenor ukulele.

This will be a collaboration with John Rich.